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2018年01月24日 01:53:18来源:乐视生活

If you haven’t seen the work of Robert Harvey Oshatz, then you’re in for a huge treat, because he’s our only guest here at Offbeat today. He’s that cool. He gets the whole day. Although really he’s so cool he should get the month. But I digress.Oshatz has designed many an amazing structure in my home state - Oregon and in other areas as well, as far reaching as Japan. His work is a mix of commercial, residential, religious, and more. What I love is how his work is entirely unique yet somehow manages to fit into the landscape so well - which is crucial I think if we want to preserve the natural environment. We really need to see more often that landscape and structure can ease together.His design philosophy is really bold. Here’s a clip:“Except for the basic elements of design composition, dominance, transition, and identity; I stay away from design theories. They seem to be too transitory and irrelevant to my work. Design theories tend to outshine their author’s performance, becoming limiting concepts, prejudicing the mind while tying one’s hands behind one’s back. They are roadblocks to new ideas. While subscribing to a particular theory of design an architect must solve problems within the parameters of that theory; this is limiting at best…The requirements of architecture are such that I must go beyond what the client understands. There must be surprise, mystery, beauty and delight, elements that make architecture rewarding to its users for a lifetime. This is one of the primary differences between architecture and building. It is the architect’s responsibility to go beyond the mere program and into the realm of what I call the spiritual.”You should really Oshatz’s entire design approach though, not simply the clip above. It’s great, very interesting when combined with his work.I ran into some issues deciding which homes to show. I’ll show two houses today, but narrowing it down to two was very difficult. I love many of his residential works a lot. Being a fan of Oregon in general, I did decide to go with two Oregon homes, which narrowed it down a little.First up the Wilkinson Residence. This is not a house easily captured in photos. However, it’s lovely and offbeat all the same. Located in Portland the home’s lot is a fast sloping grade which according to Oshatz’s site, “Provided the opportunity to bring the main level of the house into the tree canopy to evoke the feeling of being in a tree house.” The client wanted a home that flowed with the natural environment, and I’m thinking that said client got their wish. Take a look:It sort of makes you gasp, no? I almost can’t stop looking at it. This next photo is my favorite picture of the home. It’s the entryway, but it resembles a kaleidescope somewhat - like the flow keeps going when you look right at the circles. 还没见过罗伯特·哈维·奥赫兹的作品吗?那你今天就大饱眼福了,因为奥赫兹将作客“不规则的房屋”一整天哦。他太酷了,按理说他应该呆这一个月我们才甘心。不过,我跑题喽。奥赫兹在我的家乡――俄勒冈州留下了大量令人惊叹的作品,当然也在其它地方了,甚至远如日本。他的建筑是商业,居家,宗教以及更多其它元素的结合。不过,我最爱的是他的与众不同,还有建筑与周围景色完美的和谐,这样的和谐我认为在保护自然时至关重要。我们真的希望看到更多的建筑能与周围景色亲密的相处。他的设计理念非常大胆,看看他怎么说:“除了最基本的创作理论,如设计布局,主导,过渡以及特性,我拒斥理论,一种短暂而且跟我的作品毫不相干的东西。设计理论只会喧宾夺主,取代设计本身的位置,成为一种桎梏,一种概念,甚至一种偏见,使设计者束手缚脚,难以腾挪。理论是创意的绊脚石。一个建筑家一旦束缚于一个设计理论,他看问题就局限于它,理论带给他的只有局限,仅此而已。在设计作品时,我必须超越客户的想象力。惊喜,神秘,美,愉悦是我的建筑给与他们终身受用的体验,缺一不可。这就是建筑和建筑物最本质的区别。一个建筑师不应把建筑本身看作一项工程或任务,他应该进入一种境界,就是我所说的灵魂。”你最好还是把奥赫兹的设计理念通读一遍,比上面的节选要丰富多了。真的很棒,结合他自己的作品来阐释,很有趣。在决定该秀他的哪些作品时,我碰到了麻烦。今天计划是两间私人房屋,但只选两个真是太难抉择了,因为他那些住宅建筑,我喜欢的太多了。不过,我喜欢俄勒冈,所以决定选两间他在俄勒冈的作品,这样范围稍为缩小。第一个当然是威尔金森豪宅了,不过照片很难展现它的精妙。不过,它真的是无比的惹人喜爱,而且是货真价实的不规则哦。座落在波特兰的一个很陡峭的斜坡上,奥赫兹说:“这个斜坡是恰到好处,刚好可以把屋顶设计成树荫状,唤起人在树屋里的感觉。”主人要求屋子与自然环境和谐融洽,我想奥赫兹不负所托。 /200808/45579。

  • Recognising your own handwriting rather than remembering a password could be used for online identification, new research shows.Your handwriting could be the best form of online security, say the developers of a new system that may one day replace difficult-to-remember passwords and PIN codes. With the new authentication program Dynahand, users just need to be able to recognise their own writing."I know it's my handwriting, but I don’t know how I know. I can't explain to somebody else how I do it," says Dr. Karen Renaud, a computer scientist and lecturer at the UK's University of Glasgow. She argues that's what makes the system more secure than coming up with a standard password, which is repeated over and over at different sites, can be shared with a friend, or stolen by an adversary.The system works using handwritten numbers instead of letters because although others may be able to recognise your penned words, they're not so good at distinguishing your handwritten numerals.In the laboratory test, Renaud asked 11 people to write the numbers 0 to 9 several times. She asked other volunteers to provide samples of their numerals, too, but these were eventually used to distract the study participants. She then scanned the numbers into a computer and used a software program, or algorithm, written by colleague Elin Olsen, to analyse the characteristics of the handwriting, such as height and width of strokes. The algorithm also kept track of which numerals belonged to which person and whose handwriting was more similar or distinct.At authentication, the program showed the participant a series of five-number handwritten PINs, each one randomly generated from the handwritten numerals. The number was not important and the user did not have to remember it. Instead the participant clicked on the PIN written in his or her handwriting. If they got it right, the program showed them another set of PINs. They then clicked again on the correct image.The program shows the user four sets of PINs, which takes about 28 seconds to complete, but ensures a higher level of security than just showing one set. And as with other PIN-password system, three wrong attempts and you're locked out.In the test, 10 of the 11 people recognised their own handwriting consistently. Although most of the people got it right, 11 participants is a low number to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology, says Steve Furnell, professor of information systems security at the UK's University of Plymouth. "But the idea itself is very interesting," he says.In addition, although Renaud does not believe that this password method is robust enough to be used for sites with high-level security, such as online banking or e-commerce, it could work as a second layer on such sites, e.g., when you are changing an address or credit card information. /200812/58752。
  • It is the stuff of the Hollywood movie Inception: a dreamworld that can be manipulated at will. In fact, for more and more of us, it is becoming a reality, with the number of people experiencing lucid dreams rising rapidly.英国《每日邮报》19日报道:这是好莱坞电影《盗梦空间》里面的内容:梦境可以随意操纵。事实上,对于我们当中越来越多的人而言,操纵梦境正在变为现实,因为体验过“清醒梦”的人数正迅速上升。Someone having a lucid dream realizes they are dreaming and may from then on in "direct" the action. Alternatively, they may simply "watch" the dream unfold. And while the description may seem bizarre, the process is far from alien to many of us.做“清醒梦”的人们能够意识到他们正在做梦,并可能由此“引导”梦中的行动。还有另外一种情况,即他们可能只是“注视”着梦境的展开。这样的描述看似奇怪,但上述过程对我们当中的许多人来说并不陌生。Studies suggest that the number of people in the Western world experiencing the occasional lucid dream has risen by between 10 and 40 percent since the 1980s. Today, they are so common that about one in eight of us will have one in our lives. Despite this, little is known about what triggers them - or what is behind the rise.研究表明,在西方,偶尔体验“清醒梦”的人数自上世纪80年代以来增加了10%到40%。如今,“清醒梦”已经普遍起来,在我们当中,每8个人当中大概有1人在其一生中做过一次“清醒梦”。尽管如此,我们还是不知道这种梦境出现的根源——或者,体验过“清醒梦”的人数增加是由什么造成的。Mark Blagrove, a psychologist who runs a sleep laboratory at the University of Swansea, said that "people's abilities during dreaming are altering" as they become more adept at recognizing they are able to control their dreams. He also thinks that dreaming may help us back up our memories.在斯旺西大学负责一家睡眠实验室的心理学家马克-布莱格罗夫说,随着人们变得更善于认识到他们能够控制自己的梦境,“人们在做梦期间的能力也在发生变化。”他还认为做梦有助于增强我们的。Research carried out at the respected Harvard University in the US showed the brain to be hard at work during lucid dreams. In fact, the level of mental activity in some parts of the brain was similar to that of an awake person.而在美国哈佛大学实施的研究表明,在人们做“清醒梦”的时候,他们的大脑也在辛勤工作。实际上,梦中大脑某些部位的智力活动水平与清醒时类似。 /201010/116200。
  • 白雪公主变身绝望主妇原版爱情结局:Then he told her all that had happened, and how he loved her better than the whole world, and begged her to go with him to his father’s palace and be his wife. Snow-White agreed, and went with him, and the wedding was celebrated with great splendour and magnificence.然后他告诉她所有发生的事情,说他爱她超过了整个世界,请求她一起回到他父亲的宫殿做他的妻子。白雪公主答应了,跟王子回到王宫,举办了盛大的婚礼。现实版结局:王子婚后大男子主义暴露,Snow White 难逃 Desperate Housewife 的命运。 /201007/110247。
  • She is wearing her long blonde hair in no particular style. It is chest-length, wavy, and slightly frizzy. Her facial features including her cheekbones, chin, and nose are quite prominent. She has piercing blue eyes.金黄色的波浪长发,看似无形,配以有形的面部轮廓加之蓝色深邃的眼睛,突出了发式的亮丽色与随意内涵。 /201108/151651。
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