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许昌/哪个治疗不孕不育医院好许昌/中山医院孕前检测多少钱Building Jerusalem一个理想之地的建立A very British story一个发生在英国的故事Jambusters: The Story of the Womens Institute in the Second World War. By Julie Summers.《果酱大师:二战期间妇女协会的故事》。作者:Julie Summers。NO STORY says more about Britains Womens Institute in the second world war than that of the jam-makers of Hawkinge in east Kent. In the bountiful summer of 1940, Womens Institutes around the country were to produce a total of 1,000 tonnes, or over 1m kilos of jam, to improve the nations diet and raise its spirits. Many Hawkinge members had moved inland for security, but the five who stayed made 350 kilos of jam that summer. As the Battle of Britain raged overhead, the youngest member told the others to go to the bomb shelter. “Ill stay and watch this boiling.” Afterwards she said, “You see, they had children and I havent.”除了在肯特郡东部的Hawkinge地区生产果酱的故事以外,有关二战期间英国妇女协会的事迹鲜少流传。1940年夏季英国粮食丰收,为了改善国民饮食,振奋国民精神,妇女协会的成员打算制造总计1000公吨,约合一百多万公斤的果酱。在那个夏天,不少Hawkinge地区的成员为了安全都已搬往内陆,但是5位留守者做出了350公斤的果酱。当不列颠空战的炮火在头顶肆虐之时,5个人中年纪最小的一位说道“我要留下来看着煮果子”,却让其他人躲到防空洞里。等她们走后,她坦言“看,她们是有孩子的人,而我没有”。That image of defiant jam-making sums up the way many see the wartime contribution of the Womens Institute. But Julie Summers uses the diaries of women and the institutes records to show its much wider contribution. The WI was predominantly a village organisation, and in the opening months of the war, evacuation of children and the establishment of military camps meant that the population of the countryside almost doubled. The institutes own membership declined, as women went into war work, but for those who remained, it provided a focus and a comfort in the face of huge disruption and growing deprivation.无视战火,制造果酱,这样勇敢无畏的事迹被人们看做是妇女协会在战时的贡献。而Julie Summers利用一些妇女日记和协会的档案进行研究,展现了这群人更广泛的贡献。这所“妇女协会”其实是一个乡村组织,在开战的头几个月内,撤离的儿童来到这个村子,军营也在此建立起来,全村人口数量约增加了一倍。由于很多女性从事战争相关工作,这个协会原先的会员人数下降,但是留下来的人却关注了并试图缓解其所面临的巨大破坏和不断加剧的匮乏问题。Country women aly led difficult lives: as Ms Summers points out, two-thirds of rural homes at the outbreak of war had no access to electricity or main drainage. Many WI sessions taught how to make do and mend, whether it was competing to create the best article of childs clothing from a flour bag or turning stockings into mittens or learning to knit with dog wool.Summers女士在书中指出:农村妇女的生活已属不易,在战争爆发之时,三分之二的农村家庭要么没有通电, 要么没有通水。很多次妇女协会的会议内容都是培训妇女怎么修补旧的物品,将就着使用,包括比赛着用面粉袋给孩子做一身“好衣”,袜子改做手套,以及学习用毛织毛衣。The institute, which benefited from the leadership of formidable and well-connected women, got them through. Instruction was mixed with community singing, mutual support with cake-making—and jam, of course.得益于一些受人尊敬,人脉颇广的妇女的领导,这个协会安然渡过难关。除了教导活动外,协会的活动还伴有团队合唱,制作蛋糕的互助项目,当然了,还有制作果酱。 /201405/297919许昌/有名的桥 Most of the time, volcanoes look like other mountains:大多数时候,火山看起来和其他的山体没有两样:solid,serene, capped with snow–a nice place to go camping.固体,平静,被积雪覆盖-露营的不错选择。Unless, of course, it happens to explode and pour molten lava all over your campsite!除非,当然,它突然喷发,熔浆覆盖你的营地。Wouldnt itbe nice if we could predict when a volcano was about to erupt?如果我们能够预测火山什么时候会喷发,是不是更好呢?Scientists have recently taken a big step closer toward doing just this.科学家们最近在此领域的研究取得了进展。Lets look inside a volcano.让我们一起来看看火山的内部结构吧!At the center is a reservoir of molten rock, known as magma.中心是一个熔岩的“液态区”,叫岩浆。This magma is very hot, and under a lot of pressure.岩浆温度很高,并且处于一定的压力之下。When rainwater seeps into cracks in themountain, the magma turns it into steam and forces it out again.当雨水渗入山缝后,岩浆将其蒸发为水蒸汽,又让它排放出来。The magma also vents awayhot gasses through these same cracks.岩浆也同样通过这些山缝散发一些热气。This is a volcanos normal state.这是一座火山的正常状态。When gasses and steam vent from a volcanos cracks, itsprobably not about to erupt.当气体和蒸汽可以从火山的裂缝排放时,它可能并不会喷发。Sometimes, however, the top layer of magma can cool, and form ahard crust over the rest of the molten rock.然而,有时顶层的岩浆会冷却,并在外部形成一个坚硬的壳。When this happens, rainwater is able to collect in thecracks without evaporating, and this water captures a lot of gasses that would ordinarily vent fromthe magma.这时,雨水聚集在岩缝中,不能蒸发。这些雨水阻止了岩浆热气的排放。Scientific instruments inside the volcanos cracks record a sudden drop in temperature, and much less volcanic gas.在山缝中的科学仪器记录到了温度的陡然下降,和火山气体的减少。This is a warning sign for an imminent eruption.这是即将喷发的一个预兆。冷却的岩浆壳让内部的液体压力增大。That cool magmaseal allows pressure to build upinside the liquid magma, much like your thumb over the top of a shaken soda bottle will seal inthe pressure.就像把你的拇指放在被摇过的苏打水瓶口上,使其密封,增加内部压力。When that magmaseal gives way its like taking your thumb off the top of the bottle, and you dont want to be camping on the volcano when that happens!岩浆上部的密封壳被冲开时,就像你的拇指从苏打水瓶上拿开的时候一样,在这种情况下,你就不会想要在火山上露营了。 /201409/326986许昌/市人流医院哪个比较好

许昌/妇幼保健医院专家许昌/药流一般要多少钱 Sit on a swing, let someone push you, and away you go.坐上秋千,身后一人使劲一推,你便飞了出去,翱翔半空。But what happens if the person who pushed you walks away, and you want to swing faster and higher.但要是再身后推你的人走开了,而你仍想秋千荡得更高更快,那该如何?If youve ever been in the second grade, you know the solution to that.这个问题,只要你上了二年级,就知道该怎么做。Just startpumping your legs-stretching them forward then drawing them up underneath you-and youcan make yourself swing higher.首先用以摇晃双腿,再向前伸展开来,最后将腿滑向身体之下,秋千就能荡得更高。Have you ever wondered why this is?但你是否想过这是什么原理?Swings work by converting potential energy into kinetic energy, then kinetic energy back intopotential energy, over and over again.秋千的工作原理是将势能转化为动能,然后又将动能再转化为势能,一遍遍的重复这个过程。The kinetic energy is the fast part of swinging; its the speed you have as you rush back and forth.动能是秋千快的一部分能量,表现为来回运动时的速度。Potential energy is the high part of swinging.势能存在于秋千荡的的高度之中。The higher you go on the swing, the more potential energy you have.秋千荡得越高,所获得的势能也就越大。Even though youre not moving at the very top of each swing, you can think of your height asyour potential for speed.即使在秋千的顶点你并没有运动,但你仍然可以将你的高度认为是潜在的速度。A physicist would say that your kinetic energy-that is, your speed-is“stored” as potential energy at the top of each swing.物理学家会告诉你,动能,也就是速度,储存在每次摆动顶端的势能里。More height is more speed, just waiting to happen.这就意味着,荡得越高,速度也就越快。You can increase the energy of your swing in two separate ways.以下两种方式都可以增加摇摆的能量。If someone pushes you, that increases your kinetic energy.要是有人在身后推你,那将增加动能。By pumping your legs, you can increase your potential energy.摇晃双腿的方式,增加的是势能。By raising your legs at the top ofeach swing, you can raise the overall center of mass of your body, effectively raising the height ofyour swing.当双腿达到每次摇摆的顶部,身体重心也提高,这就有效的提升了秋千高度。Pump after pump, the energy you burn in your legs increases your swings potential energy.不断的摇晃,双腿产生的能量将增加势能。That extra height will add up, giving you a wilder swing ride.由此,秋千会荡得更高,更精。 201407/311127许昌/治性病最好的医院

许昌/市医院有没有亲子鉴定So when I...before it was really official that i was coming out,it was a rumor that I was coming out on my show,on my sitcom.在我 在我正式出柜以前 谣言四起 说我将在我的脱口秀和情景喜剧中出柜and it was all over the place,and it was a big hugo,you know,topic.People were against it.People were for it.I was just, I never had that much media attention.That was really scary for me.到处都是 对这个热门话题议论纷纷 有人反对 也有人持 媒体从没有那样关注过我 我觉得真的很可怕And Madonna called me out of the blue.We had never met.I just all of sudden get a call.出乎意外的是 麦当娜给我打了通电话 我们素未谋面 我就忽然接到了电话Saying,;its Madonna,and I just wanna say that,Im behind you.Im with you,I support you.;说我是麦当娜 我只想说 我持你 我挺你到底and you said some really amazing things that I wont share,because they were very personal.你说了一些真的很了不起的事情 我不会在这里说的 因为这是非常私人的事but about like holding on to this right and this right has been...但里面有说到坚守这项权利 并且这项权利已经and things really do come to you,and you,one thing you said to me is things come to you when you let go,现在这些事情确实来到你眼前 你会想 你告诉我说 当事情来找你麻烦时 你放手and you dont care and need the valuation any more.Because before you come out.yeah,yeah.并且不再理会 不再需要它们的价值 因为在你出柜前 嗯哼 嗯哼when youre closeted,you really need people to love you.And youre so scared if you come out,当你躲在柜子里的时候 你是非常需要有人来爱你的 你非常害怕如果你出柜了no one will love you any more,and this business is all about people loving you,and it was hard at the time to hear that,就没有一个人会再爱你了 这个行业完全是靠观众的喜爱吃饭的 所以在那时候是很难接受的because I thought I want people to love me,but you also sent me the most beautiful thing.因为我想让观众爱我 但你也给我寄来了最美的东西Im just gonna part of it here because its so amazing.在这里我就读一小部分 因为太激励人心了but this is a e from Martha Graham,and you sent me this.这是摘自于Martha Graham 你寄给我的是这段theres a vitality,a life force,an energy,a quickening that is translated through you into action,活力 生命力 能量以及复生 通过你转化为行动and because there is only one of you in all time.this expression is unique,and if you block it,因为永恒的时空中 这种表现也会是独一无二的 而且如果你阻拦了它it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost,the world will not have it,它将不会通过任何媒介存在而消失 世界将不会拥有它it is not your business to determine how good it is,nor how valuable,nor how it compares with other expressions,and it goes on,but its a beautiful thing,and it meant the world to me你不必去决定它的好坏 它的价值 或者拿它同别的表现做对比 下面还有很多 确实是太美好了 它对于我来说非常非常重要注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/263059 Anyone who has vacationed in the higher elevations of Colorado, such as Vail and Estes Park, will tell you altitude sickness can be a real problem.任何在科罗拉多的高海拔地区如韦尔和洛杉矶国家公园等旅游胜地度过假的人都会告诉你,高原反应真的是要命的问题。Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping can plague those visiting areas over eight thousand feet.食欲不振,恶心,呕吐,身体虚弱,头晕,入睡困难等症状可能折磨那些在海拔超过8000英尺区域旅游的人们。Altitude sickness results from the lack of oxygen at high elevations.由于海拔较高而缺氧造成高原反应。At thirteen thousand feet, every lungful of air holds only sixty percent of what it would at sea level.在13000英尺高的地方,肺仅能容纳海平面高度时60%的空气。Despite that fact, many indigenous people live in areas of low oxygen concentration with few adverse effects.尽管如此,许多在低氧地区的原居民很少有不良反应。The big question is, how do they survive?那么值得我们思考的是,他们是怎样存活的呢?The body can adapt to low oxygen levels by making more hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells.在氧气稀薄的情况下,身体能够产生一种适应环境的血红蛋白,这种血红蛋白即是红细胞的氧气载体。But too much hemoglobin over a long period of time can put a person at risk of blood clots, stroke, or chronic mountain sickness.但是太多的血红蛋白长时间存在可能导致人体产生血液凝块,患上中风或者患慢性高原病。Scientists wondered how mountain people can remain healthy living at high altitudes.科学家想知道在高原生活的人们怎样维持健康。To see if genes contribute, scientists analyzed the genomes of three ethnic groups living at altitudes over twelve thousand feet, two from Ethiopia, and Tibetans.科学家们为了实基因是否有关,他们对3组生活在超过12000 英尺区域种族群体做了染色体分析,其中有两组人来自埃塞俄比亚,另外一组来自西藏。One Ethiopian group, the Oromo, cope the same way lowlanders do, by making more hemoglobin.其中一组的埃塞俄比亚奥罗莫人与其他地方人一样,他们的身体产生更多的血红蛋白抵抗低氧环境。The Amhara and Tibetans, on the other hand, have hemoglobin levels ten percent lower than the Oromo.阿姆哈拉人和西藏人的血红蛋白含量比奥罗莫人低10%左右。Does genetic variation account for this?是基因变异导致这种情况吗?Scientists found that both the Amhara and Tibetan highlanders possessed genetic variants associated with low hemoglobin levels.科学家发现阿姆哈拉人和西藏人都有基因变异以维持低血红蛋白水平。But they were not the same genes.但是他们的基因却不同。It appears that each group took a different evolutionary path to achieve the same outcome of dampening the usual response of increased hemoglobin.看起来他们走了不同的进化历程,却达到了相同的结果,那就是抑制人体在患高空症时血红蛋白的增长。How about all those vacationers in Colorado?在科罗拉多度假的人们怎么办呢?They will have to make do with their own lowland genes, for now.目前只能用他们的低地基因来勉强应付了。 /201309/258034禹州市中心医院治疗便血多少钱魏都区治疗便血多少钱



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